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Marshall Cavendish Acquires Learning Edvantage

Singapore, 25th April 2008 - Marshall Cavendish, a member of Times Publishing Limited,
announces today its acquisition of Learning Edvantage Pte Ltd (LEAD), the market leader
provider of e-learning needs to schools and institutions. The acquisition was inked at a
simple ceremony today, which would see Marshall Cavendish taking up all the shareholding
interests of Popular E-Learning Holdings Pte Ltd and Ednovation Pte Ltd representing 69%
of the issued share capital of LEAD and thereby increasing Marshall Cavendish's
shareholding interest from 31% to 100%.

"With this acquisition, Marshall Cavendish is set to expand and grow its business further. Elearning
is an integral component of the education industry in Singapore. It is opportune that
Marshall Cavendish adds this new dimension to value add to its business model in
Education Publishing, "said Shane Armstrong, Senior Group Publisher and Head of Marshall
Cavendish Publishing Group.

With the combined strengths of LEAD and Marshall Cavendish, schools and educational
institutions in Singapore can look forward to more streamlined and enhanced contents,
which harnessed both Marshall Cavendish's strengths in educational publication and etechnology
available already through LEAD.

LEAD has been selling its digital content to the local school market and holds the biggest
market share, covering 60 per cent of the primary and 20 percent of the secondary school
markets respectively.

"Moving forward, Marshall Cavendish will set up an e-publishing division to further boost our
resources to enhance the e-learning business," added Mr Armstrong.
This 'marriage' of its traditional education publishing with its e-learning business will boost
Marshall Cavendish's position as a fore-runner in the e-learning market amongst schools
and further complement its role as the leading educational publisher in Singapore.


About Marshall Cavendish

Marshall Cavendish is an international publisher that publishes books, directories, magazines and
digital platform. With an extensive global network, Marshall Cavendish publishes in 13 different
languages, encompassing a wide variety of interests ranging from home and library references,
education and business information.

A publisher of choice and winner of numerous awards and accolades, Marshall Cavendish remains
committed to its customers - bringing innovative, authoritative and attractive value-added products
created by its rich pool of international talent.

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Marshall Cavendish is a member of Times Publishing Limited.

About LEAD

Learning Edvantage Pte Ltd (LEAD) is the leading provider of a one-stop solution to meet the elearning
needs of schools and institutions which offers a rich and pedagogically accurate multi-media
educational content and training and consultancy services in education.

LEAD is wholly owned by Marshall Cavendish, the leading educational publisher and currently
provides its educational online content to 200 primary and secondary schools in Singapore and has
250,000 learner subscribers with its educational portal.

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Learning Edvantage Pte Ltd is a member of Times Publishing Limited