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Track Faults and Other Glitches: Stories of the Impossible in Singapore

Author: Nicholas Yong
ISBN: 978 981 4771 20 7

Deep in the heart of the Zombie Civil Service, a secret meeting is held to pre-empt an impending disaster. In the heartlands, a devoted Shiba Inu – a Japanese dog breed – seeks the divine in her quest for answers. And what happens when an MRT train goes underground, and never comes back out? Haunting and dreamlike, this collection of ten short stories transports you from the deeply familiar to the supernatural, exploring things that cannot and should not be.

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Kawaii Sweet Treats

Author: Shirley Wong
ISBN: 978 981 4721 84 4

Award-winning cookbook author and food blogger Shirley Wong, better known as Little Miss Bento, returns with even more kawaii creations in her third cookbook Kawaii Sweet Treats. Featuring more than 30 recipes from cookies and snacks to cakes, tarts and pudding, with many utilizing aromatic tea flavours such as matcha, houjicha and earl grey, this collection of unique and flavourful treats promises endless hours of baking fun! Find new ideas for your next tea party, birthday celebration and gathering with Kawaii Sweet Treats.

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Botanical Singapore: An illustrated guide to popular plants and flowers

Author: William Sim
ISBN: 978 981 4751 96 4

Singapore is known as the Garden City and over 1,300 species of plants grow in the country. Both locals and visitors alike love the beautiful flowers and lush greenery that range from colourful bougainvillea and exotic orchids to majestic palms and verdant shrubs. Botanical Singapore pays tribute to our Garden City and award-winning artist William Sim captures our favourites in his own whimsical style. Each exquisite watercolour illustration is accompanied by short succinct text identifying the plant and its key features. Packaged in a handy size, the book is an attractive keepsake for nature lovers and makes a great gift for travellers and art enthusiasts.

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21st Century Contemporary Chinese Dictionary

Author: The Commercial Press
ISBN: 978 981 4684 38 5

As the Chinese diaspora grew across the world, a set of region-specific vocabulary developed. The 21st Century Contemporary Chinese Dictionary offers learners, teachers or anyone who works with the Chinese language, a handy reference for Chinese vocabulary used in different parts of the world.

  • Contains a comprehensive volume of vocabulary, with approximately 88,400 entries on common and region-specific terms
  • Region-specific vocabulary comes with specified location of use and alternative terms, making referencing convenient and easy
  • Different usages are explained, enriching users' vocabulary

This dictionary is available at all major bookstores.

Synthesis & Transformation Series

Toh Weng Choy (Primary 3 & 4)
Carolyn Lee (Primary 5 & 6)
Primary 3: 9789814661102
Primary 4: 9789814661119
Primary 5: 9789814661126
Primary 6: 9789814661133

This series prepares pupils for the synthesis and transformation section of the English Language examination paper with ample practice in combining and transforming sentences. Clear explanations on a wide range of connectors and grammar items are provided to help pupils develop sentence construction skills.

Chapters are arranged thematically to expose pupils to the use of connectors in a variety of synthesis and transformation processes.

Features of this series include:
  • Notes highlighting common mistakes and misconceptions
  • Challenging exercises to provide pupils with ample practice

This series is available at all major bookstores.

Visible Thinking in Mathematics Series

Ammiel Wan (Primary 1A – 6)
Tham Xingli (Primary 3A & 3B)
Stewart Teng (Primary 4A & 4B)
Chelsia Loh (Primary 5A & 5B)
Primary 1A: 9789810196813
Primary 1B: 9789810196820
Primary 2A: 9789810186837
Primary 2B: 9789810196844
Primary 3A: 9789810196851
Primary 3B: 9789810196868
Primary 4A: 9789814736282
Primary 4B: 9789814736299
Primary 5A: 9789814736305
Primary 5B: 9789814736312
Primary 6: 9789810196912

Aligned to the latest syllabus, this series is designed to help pupils think aloud, explore their thoughts and reflect on their reasoning. Through various parallel examples and exercises to highlight differences between similar problems, pupils develop creative and critical thinking skills while honing their problem-solving techniques. Features of this series include:
  • Ample opportunities for pupils to reflect on the possibilities involved in solving each type of question
  • Detailed notes and worked examples to clarify misconceptions, simplify a concept or enhance learning
  • Attaining Mastery provides pupils with ample opportunities to apply the appropriate problem-solving strategies
  • Think Out of the Box! stretches pupils' ability to apply concepts learnt to challenging word problems

This series is available at all major bookstores.