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Product Recommendations

The Trust Economy: Building Strong Networks and Realising Exponential Value in the Digital Age

Author(s): Philipp Kristian Diekhöner
ISBN: 978 981 4751 66 7

Over the past decade, one of the most revolutionary changes in our global economy has been the creation of trusted digital intermediaries, including Airbnb, Uber, TripAdvisor, Bitcoin and Carousell. These platforms allow us to exchange value with one another in new and better ways. We are experiencing a modern relationship renaissance, enabled by technology and powered by trust. This book introduces a world-first structured model for building trust in six progressive stages and will set you on the path to reaping the most value from the opportunities and challenges of the digital age.

This book is available here

An Equal Joy: Reflections on God, Death and Belonging

Author(s): Catherine Lim
ISBN: 978 981 4771 79 5

In this collection of essays, award-winning author Catherine Lim undertakes a bold and intense exploration into the fear of death, the nature of religion and the question of who we are. Drawing on her own experiences and myriad influences — from the Taoist "Sky God" of her childhood and the Christian God Jesus of her adulthood to scientist Pascal and philosopher Socrates; from intimate conversations with close friends to the imagined world of fictional characters — Lim reflects on the beauty of both the natural world and the world of faith. In sharing her insights, Lim not only provokes us to reflect on the meaning of life but also encourages us to live as meaningful a life as possible.

This book is available here

MeatMen Cooking Channel: Zi Char at Home

Author(s): MeatMen Cooking Channel
ISBN: 978 981 4751 64 3

Zi char is widely recognised in Singapore to refer to a variety of dishes that one can order from any Chinese cooked food stall in coffee shops across the island. Dishes range from one-dish rice or noodle meals to fish and seafood and meat and vegetable dishes to go with piping hot white rice. In continuing their efforts to inspire others to have fun whipping up their own meals, the MeatMen share 30 popular dishes including crab bee hoon, san lou hor fun, cereal prawns, har cheong gai and sambal kangkong in this second cookbook. All dishes are prepared in their usual effortless style that requires no fancy tools, equipment or special skills, and come with the promise that anyone with a passion for good food and cooking can be a zi char expert at home!

This book is available here

Primary Chinese Graded Writing Series (2nd Edition)

Author(s): Shi Bin
9789814684194 (Basic)
9789814684200 (Intermediate)
9789814684217 (Advanced)


This series adopts a progressive and systematic approach to guide pupils in mastering writing techniques.

Features of this series include:
  • The Basic book uses fun, lively and purposeful lessons to stimulate pupils' creativity and yearning for knowledge.
  • The Intermediate and Advanced books explain the basic methods of literary composition and their application in writing.
  • The Advanced book also includes a section on idioms to equip pupils with more vocabulary.

This series is available at all major bookstores.

Ready for 'O' Level Chemistry / Physics

Chemistry – L J Rasanayagam
Physics – Dr Randall Cha and David Ng
9789814443128 (Chemistry)
9789814661096 (Physics)


Designed to help students revise efficiently for the 'O' Level examinations, this series highlights and tags all the notes and questions to specific learning objectives in every topic. Through this unique structure, students can quickly identify areas of weakness for targeted revision and practice.

Features of this series include:
  • Comprehensive revision notes
  • Exercises consisting of ample multiple-choice and structured questions
  • Revision checklist
  • Glossary that guides students on how to respond to words commonly used in science questions
  • Answers with explanations to facilitate self-study

This series is available at all major bookstores.

Companion Guide to Social Studies

Author(s): Arasumani Retnasamy
9789814684224 (Secondary 3)
9789814684231 (Secondary 4) – New


Designed to prepare students for the 'O' Level examination, this companion guide to Social Studies outlines the key differences to the new (2016) MOE syllabus. Students can use this guide to revisit the concepts they have learned and attempt the practices aligned to the latest examination format.

Features of this series include:
  • Detailed explanation of latest change to the new Social Studies syllabus
  • Concise revision notes and Content Knowledge Review reinforce conceptual understanding
  • Guided worked examples and Tips to tackling the new Structured-Response Question (SRQ)
  • Chapter Mindmaps summarise learning objectives in a glance
  • Hone inference skills with Source-Based Case Study practice
  • Suggested Answers offer in-depth solutions structured according to Levels of Response Mark Scheme (LORMS)
  • Mock examination paper provides simulated practice

Companion Guide to Social Studies (Secondary 4) is new and will be available at all major bookstores by June 2017.