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Marshall Cavendish Education Launches Brainy Arkies

Singapore, 10 November 2016 – Today, Marshall Cavendish Education launched Brainy Arkies, a novel education resource to supplement learning for primary school pupils.

Brainy Arkies integrates automated adaptive testing and personalised learning with edutainment to produce the best learning outcome for users. It features separate child and parent modes, with the latter providing parents with options to be involved in their child’s learning progress.

Users will solve quizzes as they embark on a discovery journey of adventures and quests with the in-app characters “Arkies”. The content and quizzes are determined by personalised analytics developed by Marshall Cavendish Education.  Users are allocated quizzes set at their appropriate levels and the difficulty level will change depending on their learning progress and abilities. Brainy Arkies also provides guided worked solutions and instructional video tutorials when users face difficulties in solving the questions.

Ms. Lee Fei Chen, Head of Publishing, Marshall Cavendish, said: “The education landscape is constantly evolving with time. As a leading developer and provider of educational solutions, there is a need for us to innovate and develop new teaching methods that sustain the learning interest in young minds of tomorrow. “

Aligned with the Ministry of Education primary Mathematics syllabus, parents can be sure that the content and learning experience from Brainy Arkies mirror what their children learn in school and will aid them in revision.

“Every individual child has his or her unique learning needs and aptitude. Brainy Arkies caters to the individual capabilities of each child and personalises their progress based on their learning curve, hence allowing them to learn comfortably at their own pace,” Ms Lee added.

Combining the best of educational solutions and leveraging on technology, Brainy Arkies was conceptualised and created in consultation with local award-winning mobile game developer, Mr Kenneth Tan.  When users are immersed and enjoy the learning experience, they are fully engaged and retain the most information. Users also feel a sense of fulfilment when they unlock new experiences as they progress through this fun and animated application. The intuitive virtual environment allows users to learn while having fun, motivating them to learn anytime, anywhere.

Brainy Arkies will be brought to life at Happy Sparks, a four-day fun-filled extravaganza with educational activities for the whole family, held from 10 – 13 November 2016 at Singapore Expo Hall 4B. Visitors can experience the world of Brainy Arkies through a virtual reality tour powered by Samsung Gear VR at the following times:

10 to 12 November 2016 (10am – 9pm) and
13 November 2016 (10am – 8pm)

Brainy Arkies is now available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.