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Congreso MC Educación Chile 2014

The Congreso MC Educación 2014, held in Chile from 4-5 July 2014, was the perfect platform for Marshall Cavendish Education (“MCE”) to build thought leadership and establish a network amongst schools, teachers and other education professionals in the Latin American market.

Through a series of plenary sessions and workshops conducted by renowned trainers, MCE demonstrated its expertise and capabilities as an established provider of quality, holistic educational solutions. It was also able to successfully increase awareness of MCE and its proven methodology and solutions. The conference reached close to 150 teachers who had previously not heard of MCE and more than 90% of the attendees felt that the conference was beneficial to them.

Featuring a panel of renowned speakers Dr Yeap Ban Har, Ms Peggy Foo and Ms Juliana Ng, the Congress was extremely well-received amongst the schools in Chile and also received substantial media coverage. Attendees were able to gain invaluable insights into the Singapore approach and the factors that made it successful. Workshops also gave our attendees a first-hand experience of how the Singapore approach could be conducted in their classes, sparking further interest in our materials and methodology.

Overall, the event was a success, thanks largely to the team in Chile that helped establish MCE as an expert in the field of education and as a provider of holistic educational solutions.