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Asian Educators Take an Insightful Trip to Singapore to Experience the Local Educational System with Marshall Cavendish Education

Over 50 delegates from across Asia visited various schools in Singapore to gain insight on the country’s educational system, particularly in Mathematics and Science for Primary and Secondary levels.

Held from 7-8 April 2016, the event was hosted by Marshall Cavendish Education’s (MCE) International and Marketing Teams. Delegates from China, Indonesia, and the Philippines were brought to the Methodist Girls’ School, West View Primary School, and St. Margaret’s Secondary School for a chance to observe how Mathematics and Science lessons are taught here. The delegates were composed of existing and potential adopters of MCE’s titles, including partners, heads of schools, principals and educators from K-12 and secondary schools.

The MCE team also hosted two talks at Times Centre on the pedagogies of Singapore Maths and Science. Aside from expanding the knowledge of the delegates, these talks also gave them the chance to find out more about MCE’s printed materials.