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Marshall Cavendish Education and Marshall Cavendish Institute Host Workshop for Thai Educators

In recent years, educators worldwide have recognised Singapore Math as an innovative approach to teaching elementary math. On 27 May and 9 June 2016, delegates from Thailand visited Singapore to learn more about this approach through workshops hosted by Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) and Marshall Cavendish Institute (MCI).

Delegates included the Deputy Governor of Thailand, Dr Pusadee Tamthai, members of the Bangkok Metropolitan Association (BMA), and multidisciplinary teachers from primary public schools.

MCI, led by trainer Juliana Loh, conducted two training workshops for over 100 teachers. Ms Loh introduced the participants to Singapore’s educational system, and gave them an overview of Singapore Math, covering topics such as reasons why it is successful, strategies for teaching it, as well as bar modeling. Also featured during the workshops were MCE’s printed materials, which the educators were able to review.

Meanwhile, Dr Pusadee Tamthai and MCI discussed collaboration opportunities between MCI and BMA. This is in line with BMA’s project to develop the education qualities and competence of 434 public schools in Bangkok.