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Marshall Cavendish Education Launches eShop

In line with the Ministry of Education’s focus on a quality education enriched with digital technology, the launch of Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE)’s online eShop on 18 November 2014 has brought our digital learning resources one step closer to consumers. With just a few clicks of a button, you can now purchase our eBooks online.

From the digital configuration of the online portal to the uploading of online resources for sale and the promotional activities conducted to market the eShop, this launch was a wholly MCE initiative undertaken by various departments.

From English and the Humanities to Mathematics and Science, consumers can now access a wealth of information and digital content across a broad spectrum of subjects at their own convenience and download everything on just one mobile device. The MC eShop enables learning anytime, anywhere!

Do check out to see how you can purchase a MC eBook today!