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Press Releases

Home-Grown Times Printers Group’s Innovation Earns Global and Regional Print Industry Awards

Accolades recognise industry leading initiatives that provide the highest standard of service and quality to Asia Pacific customers
Singapore, March 25, 2011 – Times Printers, one of the largest commercial printers in the Asia Pacific region, has picked up a series of international and regional awards namely the 2010 CIP4 International Print Production Innovation (CIPPI) Awards and the 8th Asian Print Awards, for its leadership in process automation and technology as well as outstanding quality in print.
ERP System Drives Wide Productivity Gains Across the Organisation
A leading total solutions printing company that counts Time magazine and The Economist amongst its global customers, Times Printers produces a high volume of print news, magazines and textbooks in its printing plants across Asia. In the first half of 2010, Times Printers incorporated an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that enables it to transform its operations and deliver a new level of productivity, bringing more value to its customers’ businesses. The system primarily aims to integrate all business and production processes and data – sales forecasting, production control and inventory control – for better resource planning and decision-making across the entire organisation. Times Printers also aims to leverage the ERP system to agilely adapt to the new demands of customers through the optimisation of production capacity without increasing investment in manpower or machinery, or passing on additional costs to customers.  
The ERP system implemented automates the entire printing process by connecting management to prepress, press and postpress. An immediate benefit of the system is the  thorough visibility and real-time feedback that enable Times Printers to monitor the performance of the printing process accurately and inform customers on the progress of jobs in a more timely and precise manner. With this level of control, deliveries of products are ensured. Significant time savings and efficiency are also accrued from the streamlining of unproductive processes, as well as a shortened manufacturing cycle due to dynamic scheduling. As a result, Times Printers is able to enjoy better customer relations with prompt delivery and higher quality of service.
Optimal capacity utilisation is also achieved through the employment of the ERP system, allowing Times Printers to increase the overall efficiency and productivity level of the organisation. In terms of material management and improved workflow, the management reduced inventory and associated costs by at least 25 percent. It also eliminated or incorporated 35 percent of its existing processes into the new system through the re-engineering of its business process, resulting in a more streamlined, efficient, and automated system. Today, a fast-paced and strong manufacturing environment has been created in Times Printers, following the restructure of the organisation and job functions through the ERP system.
Following the implementation, Times Printers, in the 2010 CIPPI Awards, topped the Asia Pacific region for “Best Process Automation Implementation – Asia Pacific”. In addition, the organisation was named runner-up in the international category for “Best Cost/Benefit Realisation and Improvement in Efficiency as a Result of Process Automation Implementation”.
The CIPPI Awards is an annual international competition that recognises leading printers, publishers or prepress services that have demonstrated uncommon leadership in their pursuit of the best automation technology. The 2010 CIPPI Awards ceremony was held in Nice, France, on November 10, 2010.
“Times Printers is one of the first in the industry to implement an ERP system that can give us visibility into the entire production process and accessibility to real-time data. It thus grants control to our employees and global customers, who have time-sensitive and stringent requirements. Implementing the ERP system in Singapore is only the beginning. We have seen terrific outcomes to date and will be rolling the ERP system out to the rest of our plants in China and Malaysia. Times Printers is also conscious of how our business impacts the environment, and will persist in seeking ever more ways to mitigate it,” said Tay Kiah Chiew, Head of Times Printers Group.
Times Printers wins big at the 8th Asian Print Awards 2010
On top of that, Times Printers won a series of awards at the 8th Asian Print Awards, held in Macau, Hong Kong on November 24, 2010. The group garnered the Platinum award for “Best in Web Offset”, the highest accolade in all web offset printing categories, and the Gold award for “Web Offset – Coated Stock”, one of the most prestigious awards in the competition.
The group’s printing plant in China, Everbest Printing also fared well in the awards, earning the Platinum award for “Best Application of Creative Colour”, Gold award for “Calendars”, Silver award for “Limited Editions and Art Reproductions”, and Gold award for “Book Printing – 4 or More Colours”.
The annual Asian Print Awards recognises the best achievements in the print and packaging industries across Asia, and is presided over by an international panel of judges who look at the benchmarks on various aspects of the packaging and printing trade.
“We are very proud to be recognised by the industry with these wins. The awards validate the quality of our products and the constant innovation in our processes that keep us ahead in the industry. We have become a dominant force in web offset printing in Singapore for both domestic and regional markets, and we will continue to innovate by developing and adapting new technologies to advance our production capabilities and quality, so that we can bring more value to our customers’ businesses,” added Kiah Chiew.
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