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Press Releases

Marshall Cavendish Education and Science Centre Singapore launch Science magazine for children

Singapore, 24 July 2015 – Singapore’s sole textbook publisher for Primary Science textbooks announces the launch of a magazine for Singapore’s legion of budding scientists. SCIENCE SPY in collaboration with SINGAPORE SCIENTIST will make its debut in July 2015.

The magazine marks the start of a new partnership between Singapore’s internationally recognised educational solutions provider, Marshall Cavendish Education and the highly respected Science Centre Singapore, providing readers with a broad spectrum of real-world content.

Marshall Cavendish Education – the appointed textbook publisher for Primary Science – will use its educational expertise to ensure that the content is not only suitable as an independent learning resource for children but is also designed to complement the textbooks used by teachers. With the wide range of colourful articles and rich information developed by subject experts and researchers from Science Centre Singapore, the bi-monthly magazine is set to engage readers and show them how Science is relevant through real-world content.

The bi-monthly publication provides:

A wide variety of articles on the latest Science topics

  • Stunning photographs & colourful illustrations that bring Science to life
  • Latest buzz on Science & highlights from Science Centre Singapore
  • Experiments, puzzles & contests with exciting prizes in store!
  • Hashtags to link to school syllabus together with a Teacher’s Guide
  • Inquiry Questions within articles to extend discussion

Other key sections of the magazine include: Cover Story – featuring the most interesting Science discoveries and facts that changed the way we see the world; Hot Stuff – information and fun stories about research or news in discussion around the globe; Tech Talk – covering awe-inspiring, futuristic technologies; Bio Buzz – looking at human biology and medical related topics; and Ethics Watch – providing insights on the ethical considerations in Science and encouraging readers to think further and deeper.

The publication comes from two organisations with an unparalleled track record in the field of Science. Marshall Cavendish Education’s Science Spy has been in circulation since 2007, consistently providing engaging Science content covering topics for primary school pupils. The Singapore Scientist has been in circulation for over 30 years in Singapore, providing exciting news and content as well as updates on current events and exhibitions at Science Centre Singapore. The unprecedented collaboration between two industry leaders will enable the magazine to provide a range of articles, activities, experiments, comics and even short practice papers, setting it apart from other science resources available.

Speaking about the collaborative effort, Ms Joy Tan, General Manager of Marshall Cavendish Education said, “We’re very excited to be launching this new publication in collaboration with Science Centre Singapore. With articles written by scientists and subject experts from Science Centre Singapore, combined with Marshall Cavendish Education’s expertise as the sole textbook publisher for Primary Science, the magazine will offer a depth of content that will make for both an informative and highly entertaining magazine for young scientists in this country.”

Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, CEO of Science Centre Singapore added, “We are very much looking forward to working with Marshall Cavendish Education in this long term project. The collaboration brings together two industry leaders with an innate understanding of their respective fields. Together we have developed an exciting suite of content for the publication that will inform and entertain in equal measures and I’m sure will be very well received by our young readers.”

Issue 92, priced at SGD $40 for a one-year subscription of six issues, will mark the start of the new collaboration.

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