Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Indelible City

Author(s): Chew Yi Wei
ISBN: 978 981 4794 25 1


The city is a place laced with the material and the immaterial, the visible and invisible. There are the migratory lines trod by our ancestors, the scent of our foodways, the flight of birds, the sigh of an old school, a demolished rooftop, an unassuming lamppost, fading tongues, empty chairs, extroverted harbours. These are the indelible marks that layer our city, that make up where we are, and who we are.

Drawing together her memories growing up in Singapore and lyrical observations of the nation's ever-changing landscape, Yi Wei creates an evocative portrait of the city and what it means to her. Beautifully rendered and delicately written, Indelible City brings you on an intimate sojourn with Yi Wei as she explores issues of home, identity and place.

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Presentation Skills for Quivering Wrecks

Author(s): Bob Etherington
ISBN: 978 981 4794 70 1


Spiders, death, dentists, snakes and flying are in the list of the top ten fears of businesspeople (Book of List). But the top position is held by "public speaking". So great is this fear that most businesspeople have a single objective: to get off the platform as soon as possible.

This book, based on a hugely successful course given to thousands of businesspeople, shows how anyone can speak with confidence to an audience of any size. Laced with humour and wit, the author emphasizes that you don't have to be a brilliant orator to be an effective speaker in business. Simply being good is plenty, because 95 per cent of all business presenters are so awful!

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Superkicks: Dare to Dream

Author(s): Don Bosco and Benedict Boo
ISBN: 978 981 4794 49 7


The Superkicks gang returns. It's holiday training time at Superkicks School and Lee Jin is thrilled to be back in action. Dr Khan announces that the Superkicks Special Achievement Award is up for grabs, and football superstar Toshi Ronaldo will personally coach the winner! It's all Lee Jin has ever dreamt of, but so has all his teammates! Who will ultimately win the award?

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Ah Boy to Men 4

Author(s): Jack Neo
ISBN: 9789813167988


After completing National Service (NS), NSmen will still be called up to serve the nation. The yearly In-Camp Training (ICT) is looked upon as a task.

ABTM 4 shows us how the Ah Boys-turned-Uncles adjust to army life under a female commander, and how they strike a balance between their personal feelings and their army duties.

This book is available at all major bookstores.

Mini Science Encyclopedia (7th Edition)

Author(s): Ang Woon Chuan
ISBN: 9789814684057


Mini Science Encyclopedia provides children with information about the world around us so that they can understand why and how things happen.

This edition includes updated information that is relevant today, with the inclusion of new technologies and scientific discoveries.

The title aims to take children beyond what they learn in school and deepen their understanding of concepts.

This book is available here and at all major bookstores.

Problem-Solving with Heuristics – Primary 6 (2nd Edition)

Author(s): Koh Siew Geok
ISBN: 9789813166103

  • Teaches pupils how to identify the right heuristics to solve different problem types
  • Provides extensive worked examples and practice to develop pupils' confidence in applying heuristics
  • Trains pupils to develop a systematic approach to problem-solving
  • Aligned to the 2013-2018 Primary 1-6 Maths syllabus by the Ministry of Education

This book is available at all major bookstores.