Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Madonnas and Mavericks: Power Women in Singapore

Author(s): Dr Loretta Chen
ISBN: 978 981 4751 22 3


Madonnas and Mavericks is a tribute to outstanding Singaporean women who have scaled the peaks and thrived in unexpected places. The seventeen women in this book are leaders from diverse fields. Known for their strong spheres of influence, these women have all contributed to Singapore's spectacular growth. Over the course of their interviews with Loretta Chen, they share intimate stories, career insights and life lessons, along with much laughter and some tears. These stories of lives well lived are a treat and an inspiration to women, and men, who seek to excel and master their own destinies.

This book is available here

Lions and Tigers: The Story of Football in Singapore and Malaysia

Author(s): John Duerden
ISBN: 978 981 4771 71 9


From Penang in the north of Malaysia down to the city-state of Singapore in the south, seasoned sports correspondent John Duerden tackles one of Asia's big football rivalries between these two neighbours on either side of the Causeway. He charts its incident-packed history, zooms in on the big names and cases of the past century, and weighs in on hot-button issues from naturalised players to football federation elections. With his eye on the ball, Duerden takes a close look at what makes this rivalry tick. From accounts of fierce encounters between the two national teams and clubs to tales from the times when they both sent teams to compete in each other's leagues, Lions and Tigers is a lively, entertaining and fascinating look at a football rivalry that deserves to be more widely known around the world.

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Baker & Cook: The Story and Recipes Behind the Successful Artisan Bakery and Food Store

Author(s): Dean Brettschneider
ISBN: 978 981 4751 56 8


Baker & Cook started out as a single bakery food store in a quiet suburban neighbourhood in Singapore, and within a short span of five years, has expanded to ten outlets across the island. Today, the chain has spread to Manila and will soon be in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and India. In this book, founder Dean Brettschneider shares the success story in full and candid detail. He also provides expert advice on bread- and pastry-making techniques, and tops it off with more than 60 recipes for breads, cakes and other bakery-related foods. Whether you're a fan, someone looking to understand the business, or an avid baker, this book promises something for everyone.

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Maths Problems in Real-World Contexts 'O' Level

Author(s): Ivan Lau Kim Soon
ISBN: 9789813165861


Maths Problems in Real-World Contexts is designed to help students see the relevance of mathematics to everyday life. It aims to help students appreciate realistic applications of mathematical concepts and skills, and to also prepare students well in answering such contextual questions during examinations.

Features of this book include:
  • Questions to connect students to real-world contexts
  • Fully worked solutions to allow students to check their answers and to encourage self-directed learning
  • Remark feature to highlight common misconceptions or to provide useful pointers for solving the given questions
  • Checklists to allow students to reflect on their own learning and check on their understanding

This book is available at all major bookstores.

Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi

Author(s): Angela Wu
9789813160224 (Book 1)
9789813160231 (Book 2)
9789813160248 (Book 3)
9789813160255 (Book 4)
9789813160262 (Book 5)


Pi Pi is an adventurous and mischievous boy who is always getting into all sorts of situations and causing trouble for his parents and teachers. To keep him company, his father – a scientist, created An Ji, a robot dog for him. And thus begins the adventures of Pi Pi, together with An Ji who has many tricks up his sleeves.

While enjoying these adventures, young readers will learn new vocabularies and common sentence structures, consequently building their Chinese language proficiency. With every adventure comes a life lesson for Pi Pi, as well as the pupils engaged in the reading journey.

There are 5 titles in the "Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi".

This series is available at all major bookstores.

Science Revision Guide

Author(s): -
9789810198688 (Primary 3 & 4)
9789813165960 (Primary 5 & 6)


Science Revision Guide is the most complete handbook developed to prepare pupils for success in Science revision. Features of this book are especially designed to help pupils develop a deeper understanding of key Science concepts and to guide them to master the application of process skills.

Adapted from the best-selling Science PSLE Revision Guide, these books provide comprehensive revision notes, case studies and exam practice papers to prepare pupils for the PSLE examinations.

This series provides:
  • Topical Notes – Covers all topics for quick and systematic revision
  • Get it Right! – Explanation and correction of common misconceptions
  • Process Skills – Useful guidelines and tips to master the application of process skills
  • Case Studies – Detailed guide to answering challenging examination questions
  • Practice Examination – Specimen paper for self-assessment (with answers provided)
  • Thematic Maps – 4 thematic maps that show the learning outcomes of each theme of the Primary 3 and 4 Science Syllabus

This series is available at all major bookstores.